‘Where Land Runs Out’ consists of a series of camera-less cyanotype images made at Shingle Street beach in Suffolk, on the east coast of England. This body of work forms part of a wider ongoing project based around Orford Ness and Shingle Street. It is a desolate landscape, with a vast open expanse of shingle, subject to coastal erosion and sea level rises, and at risk of disappearing. Here, light sensitive cyanotype paper was physically immersed in the sea during periods of high and low tide. The resulting images capture the fleeting traces of the waves, wind, sediment, and of the past, creating new and changing landscapes. The images have not been fully fixed and will continue to subtly change over time, reflecting the constantly changing landscape.

The work was exhibited in a solo show at the Broadway Gallery, Letchworth Garden City in 2019.
A second series, Botanical Specimens, also on show draws from the distinct flora found on the shingle beach to create abstract ‘phytograms’ (similar to a photogram), which uses the internal chemistry of the plant to help develop the image.

Install images © Corey Bartell Sanderson